Hansonic North America Inc is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced, single and multilayer printed circuit boards. Our state-of-the-art technology enables production of quick-turn prototype, pre-production and volume board production for our customers.
From our simple low cost double sided boards to high layer count multilayers, we are ready to provide you the premium service our customers come to expect. Our excellent prices depend on the level of detailed characteristics of each PCB, whether you require single, double or multi-layers, smaller or larger quantities. We offer other services such as O/S testing, lead free such as: SMOBC-HASL, Entek, Immersion Silver, Tin and more.
The circuit board business continues to need printed circuit boards built as fast as possible. Our highly trained team provides printed circuit boards in as little as 48 hours delivered anywhere in North America, depending on the complexity of the Gerber files.
With the standard lead time for most products of 5-7 business days, Hansonic is your PCB business friendly partner. When our customers are achieving their goals, we are meeting ours as well.
Production Capabilities:
   Min. Trace: 3 mil
   Min. Space: 3 mil
   Min. Hole Via: 6 mil
   Hole Via Tol.: 2 mil
   Board Thickness:20 mil~93 mil
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We are UL approved, ISO9001 and RoHS compliant. Along with our quick turn capability, Hansonic has extensive experience manufacturing with a wide variety of laminates such as FR406, Teflon, polyimide, RF based materials, Kevlar etc. To complement our international capabilities, Hansonic has excellent strategic alliances. We ensure a seamless transition from smaller quantity prototype and preproduction boards produced internationally to higher volume, cost effective, outstanding quality. Our Customer Service team is trained to handle all facets of any of our customer's needs.
Should there be an issue we will rectify it. Resolution takes place when our customer is satisfied. It's so simple, it is our nature!
MD&M Minneapolis 2013
We are at:
Minneapolis - Oct. 29 to 30, 2013
ISO/TS 16949
ISO 14001
Our focus and services are part of a wide spectrum of businesses that involves the following areas of expertise:
   Cell phone and Accessories
   Phone Set, Exchanger,